Libertarian (2008)

In 2008 I ran for re-election as Vice-Chair of the LNC. This was my campaign website.

Chairing the Convention

While in Denver I chaired the Convention for several hours. The opportunity arose because Bill Redpath had conflicts of interest for two orders of business: during the nomination and election of LNC Chair (Bill was running for re-election) and during the nomination and election of LNC At-Large members (Bill gave a nominating speech).

Chuck Moulton chairing the Convention

Vice-Chair Election

At the 2008 Libertarian National Convention in Denver, CO I lost the election for Vice-Chair of the Libertarian National Committee. Michael Jingozian (a contender for the presidential nomination) was elected Vice-Chair. The vote was as follows.

Round 1

Michael Jingozian 224
Chuck Moulton 137

LNC Chair Bill Redpath congratulating Michael Jingozian
with Chuck Moulton on screen in the background

Future Plans

I decided not to run for an At-Large seat after I lost the officer election. I will probably run again for LNC in 2010 or 2012. For now I will be focusing on school.

It was a pleasure serving on the LNC the 2006-2008 term.

Libertarian National Committee (2006-2008 term)

Top row (standing): Wes Benedict, Hardy Macia, Dan Karlan, Tony Ryan, Bob Sullentrup, Bill Redpath, Jim Lark, Stewart Flood, Pat Dixon, Aaron Starr, Michael Colley
Bottom row (sitting): Angela Keaton, Scott Lieberman, Eric Sundwall, Chuck Moulton, Bob Barr, M Carling, Emily Salvette