Americans for Fair Taxation

  1. Position on FairTax:
    1. Will Co-sponsor HR25
    2. Leans Toward Support of HR25
    3. Undecided
    4. Leans Against Support of HR25
    5. Against HR25

    I support replacing the current tax system with either a flat income tax or a flat retail sales tax. I also support constitutional amendments requiring a balanced budget and a supermajority vote for all new taxes and tax increases. If a flax imcome tax is implemented, withholding should be eliminated and tax day should be moved from April 15 to the Monday before Election Day.

    There are two aspects of the Fair Tax I am not in favor of.

    • I am against the "prebate" lump sum payment to all Americans. Because any person can avoid the Fair Tax entirely by purchasing only used goods, it is altogether possible that the "prebate" could exceed the amount paid in taxes. It is essentially a welfare redistribution of wealth, which is not authorized by the Constitution. I cannot vote for an unconstitutional bill.
    • 23% is far too high a rate. Congress needs to drasticly cut spending, but this high rate would allow the runaway spending to continue. I understand the bill was designed to be revenue neutral, so I don't see this point as a deal breaker. Step one can be reforming the tax code to a Fair Tax and step two can be getting a lower rate.

    In short, I see the Fair Tax as a vast improvement to the current tax system, but the "prebate" aspect makes it unconstitutional. I cannot vote for an unconstitutional bill. I would however support the Fair Tax if it originated in the form of a constitutional amendment.